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Discover The Benefits Of New Home Ownership

New single story home

What Are the Benefits of New Homes?

Newly built homes offer the advantage of being designed to meet today’s design trends, such as open floor plans, plenty of natural light, high ceilings and super-organized storage spaces for clothing, kitchen items and other possessions.

“Everyone loves the fact that a new home is clean and has never been lived in,”  “The second thing buyers mention is that they’re excited to make it their own and design it the way they want.”

“Another benefit is that newly built homes are super eco-friendly, which makes a big difference, especially in Florida when we need to run our air conditioning nine months of the year.” “New homes have utility bills that are about one-third of the bill of resales.”

Many buyers worry about the cost of buying a home, however, a newly built home offers them the added security of knowing that the roof and the HVAC are new and under warranty.

We explain to buyers that even if you upgrade the HVAC in a resale you won’t get the same energy efficiency as a new home because newly built homes have better window seals, ductwork and more that are all designed to work together.

Woman comparing buying new verses pre-owned

Concerned About Buying New?

Some buyers worry that new homes are more expensive, but in fact they usually are not. I also point out to them that when they buy a new home, they’re only paying one time to get what they want. 

“If they buy a resale, then they buy the house first and then pay again to remodel it to have it updated and the way they want. With new you only pay once. 

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Selling Before Buying

Buyers who must sell their home in order to buy the next can sometimes find the timing and financing a new home tricky.

“I look for financing options to make the transition. Some builders will accept a contract contingent on the sale of their current home or a lender can come up with a plan that allows the buyers to find the money for the deposits before their home sells.

Two story home construction

Lock In Your Base Price!

“In today’s market, “It’s a great value for buyers to lock in a base price now because they will have built-in equity before they even move in.

With a new home, you have choices and they are good ones!”

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